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Recently Posted Projects

Project #267 (Plumbing)

I am Natasha Bragg, a social worker with Eskenazi Health that works with Ms. Scruggs. She lives in a...

Project #266 (Home Improvement)

elderly female requests repair and painting of ceiling and one wall in the kitchen. ceiling has wal...

Project #265 (Gutter Cleaning/Repair)

disabled senior requests reattachment of eaves damaged from a tree branch falling on the roof this w...

Project #264 (Construction)

homeowner requests repair of door damaged from a breakin attempt, lock doesn't work, door still clos...

Project #263 (Exterior Painting)

homeowner requests painting of outside trim, windows and eaves, house is one story. he has another p...

Projects Needing Funding

Project #177 (Other)

We have quickly spent over $5,000 on plumbing repair material this winter. We need to re-coup some ...


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