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Recently Posted Projects

Project #272 (Home Improvement)

72 year old woman who needs drywall patching in her bedroom, painting in bedroom and kitchen, door h...

Project #271 (Exterior Painting)

62 year old with multiple medical problems including COPD who needs trim painted, back door hung, sc...

Project #270 (Yard Work)

88 year old widow who needs help with yard cleanup for spring. Would also like to have gutters chec...

Project #269 (Just Need A Helping Hand)

80 year old woman requesting some assistance cleaning her bathroom and kitchen. She has recently inj...

Project #268 (Tangible Property Repair)

62 y/o woman with epilepsy, HBP, renal and heart disease. Has broken door and window secondary to a...

Projects Needing Funding

Project #177 (Other)

We have quickly spent over $5,000 on plumbing repair material this winter. We need to re-coup some ...


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